The “Sans,” Angelo and Antonio, Gonzalez and then back to Houston

After spending 12 days in New Mexico, with the weather changing (for the colder), I decided I would head further south again before heading on to Houston. My first stop was San Angelo. The drive from Carlsbad to San Angelo took me through countryside where there is mining, potash, oil drilling, farming, cattle, pecan groves, cotton fields, and it confirmed to me that we have a country full of hard working people. The ride down Highway US180 from Carlsbad, NM through Hobbs, NM, was nothing but lines of trucks.

I spent one night in San Angelo and visited the International Water Lily Collection bright and early in the morning. I had a great time with Stretch as we were the only ones there. It is touted as the largest collection of water lilies in the United States. It is situated in a public park and is free to the public. What a treat for me.

San Angelo.

On to San Antonio. What beautiful country, the Hill Country of Texas. Highway US 87 takes you through flat cotton country and then the geography changes to hills. I wish I could stop and photograph everything but the roads and traffic just won’t allow me to.

Monument in front of The Alamo Mission
Monument in front of The Alamo Mission
Monument in front of The Alamo Mission

I spent a couple of nights in San Antonio, visiting the missions (I was able to visit 3 of the 5). Took in a Lebanese Food Festival at the St. George Maronite Catholic Church. The dancing and music was delightful and I met some very nice people.

Mission San Francisco de la Espada
Mission San Francisco de la Espada
Mission San Francisco de la Espada
Mission San Juan Capistrano
Mission San Juan Capistrano
Mission San Juan Capistrano

Heading back to Houston I detoured off I-10 on to US-90 at Seguin and drove the back roads to Gonzalez, Texas.

Luling, Texas
Although hard to see, a couple of does hiding in the woods at the Palmetto State Park. I drove through on my way to Gonzalez

The Chamber of Commerce of Gonzalez has a wonderful self guided walking / driving tour with loads of historical information and directions to points of interest about this fascinating and historical town click here. If I get a chance, I’d like to revisit this town and visit all the sites. There’s so much pride and history rolled up in this little town.

Courthouse, Gonzalez, Texas
Confederate Square, Gonzalez, Texas.
The gold-leaf weather vane, a steer branded with T41 brand was designed by cattle baron R.A. Houston in the 1870s for his home, sits on top of the fire station in Gonzalez
“Come and Take It,” the motto that is seen all over Gonzalez. Photo of mural in front of the municipal building. I noticed that all trash receptacles in the town also had this motto and the image of a canon
Old warehouse in Gonzalez

I have now been in Houston staying with my son, daughter in law and grand’uns for awhile. I’ll be returning to Mobile at the end of the month after Duncan’s 2nd birthday and Thanksgiving. I will then work on my next adventure.

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