Brantley Lake State Park, NM (Part 2)

I celebrated my 64th birthday here in New Mexico. I started my day by going into Carlsbad. I had a cinnamon raisin bagel (well toasted) and extra cream cheese (I splurged). I also had a cup of their coffee with caramel, I can’t remember the name. Stretch was allowed to sit inside with me (a huge bonus) and we borrowed their wifi. Another treat. Then on to more mundane things like going to the laundromat and then to Walmart for some supplies. I had soup for dinner. It was a good day. The next day, Stretch and I took a hike on another of the trails around here and we really enjoyed that one. We will do that one again. Here are some photos from that walk.

I have grown to like this park. It is clean, comfortable, relaxing, the hosts and rangers are nice and extremely helpful (I know I’m repeating myself). I will have to leave soon though (there is a 14 day limit at each park, although I can return after 7 days). The weather is the best, of course. Beautiful sunshine during the day (sometimes a bit too windy) with temps in the mid-80s and evenings not too cold, around upper 50s. I have to turn the heater on in the morning to get rid of the chill.

This is home on the road at Brantley Lake State Park
Looking back from the trail to my campsite
It’s a really nice trail, a bit rocky in some spots, but still nice. A view of the campground
My leader taking me to the other side of the campground towards the day use area
We stopped to take a selfie
Looking back up from where we walked
Colors are so vibrant in the Pink Three-Flower
I don’t think Stretch will stick his nose in there again. It got him right on the nose. Brownspine Pricklypear
The roadside everywhere is nothing but a blanket of yellow interspersed with purple and white, but mostly yellow
This morning, Stretch was on full alert when I stepped out of the comfort station. I tie him to a post to wait for me. He was pointing in that direction. His ears and the top of his head make a perfect camera sight for taking these types of photos. Oh he wanted that bunny. You do see it, right?
My site was always filled with ground doves
No idea what this plant is but the color was vibrant
Beautiful Soap tree Yucca
The sun always invigorates me. The weather has been perfect.
I’ve never seen this pump type spigots until I got to New Mexico. I still have the scar from squeezing the skin on my little finger on the handle from pulling down and catching it between the tip and other part. Tears, yes.
Lemmon’s Marigold
Texas Barometer Bush

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